The Empowering Coach motivates clients to transform their personal, professional & business mindsets so they can enjoy living again!

There is a common belief  in the community that 'letting go of the past' resolves everything and it does if we follow the correct process.

What holds us back, needs to be recognised and acknowledged and then cleared.

If we don't follow the process correctly, we don't let go and so the past still remains with us holding us back and giving us grief.

When we heal our past, we become connected, healing our holistic body.

Imagine how your world would transform if you were to gain clarity about your mindset, identified what was holding you back..

And discovered a whole new empowering way to live life.

Gaining access to a mentor and coach who actually understood you and your unique challenges, as a passionate, motivated individual who is ready to change themselves and the world.

Awaken Your Dreams!

What if you could turn around your insecurities, fears and negative mindset in a few months and start living your new life, personal, professional and/or business life?

In addition, what if you knew that instead of spending countless hours procrastinating and self-sabotaging, you could be developing a new mindset and setting powerful goals that serve you? How would that feel for you?

Most importantly what if you could move closer to your dream life or dream business because you now have a powerful positive mindset that serves and empowers you to move forward to the results you have only dreamed of?

Mindset Coaching Services

                     We will assist with any issues you may have, including but not limited to;



nightmare dreams

internal conflict

lack of confidence

putting things off

stress management


weight loss

limiting beliefs




grief / loss

stress management



negative emotions

time management


lack of motivation

unwanted habits

relationship problems

life purpose

decision making

interpersonal conflict

poor spelling

negative associations

Sessions are in the comfort of your own home, with no need travel or the expenses associated with it. Skype / Messenger / Zoom sessions enable the client to attend sessions no matter where you live or how busy you are.

Clients can choose to be coached either 1:1 or in a group session. 1:1 sessions are confidential and would suit a client who has more personal and private issues to be resolved, whereas group sessions are not as confidential however, if the budget is tight and issues need to be resolved, this is the more cost effective alternative.

Coaching sessions are completely confidential between client and coach.  No information is ever recorded on the national medical database, unlike information divulged to doctors and psychologists, so clients privacy is totally guaranteed.

One off coaching sessions are not offered, only multiple sessions. It took many years or a life time to get where you are now, so in order to make changes in your life, several sessions at least are required. The Empowering Coach works on results and not hours, because she wants her clients to achieve their dream lives.

Enquiries about 1:1 coaching, group coaching, packages and for a complementary session to discuss how best you can be served, contact The Empowering Coach now. 


Mindset Coaching Specialities



The level of burnout amongst the teacher population is incredible. Unrealistic workloads, toxic environments and people, have made it extremely difficult for teachers to perform their very best work.

If you are one of these teachers on the edge of burnout, its time to seek help to give you clarity,  to move back towards a positive mindset so empowering decisions around your future can be made.

Maybe you are over it completely and want to move on to another career/job or start your own business? If that is what you have decided The Empowering Coach can guide you through the transitional phase, empowering your mindset to move forward to your new project.

   Kids & Educational


Children and teens these days are required to face some many issues and some cope well and others not so well.

Anxiety, bullying and toxic environments like the classroom really have a huge impact on the child/teens, health and perceptions of life.

If your child/teenager is struggling, The Empowering Coach helps parents gain clarity so they can empower their  child's/teen's mindsets.

Sometimes making the decision to pull a child/teen out of the school environment is the best thing you can do for your child. 

If parents and/or care givers require help with Home Schooling or Distance Education The Empowering Coach can assist.

   On - LinBusiness



Deciding to start an on-line business is a huge move in life and having the right mindset can make or break the project.

Lots of would be on-line business owners give very little thought to the importance of their mindset when starting up their enterprise, yet it is a crucial element in the success of any project.

The on-line business owner not only has to juggle setting up the enterprise, he/she is now the CEO of everything and maintaining a positive mindset during the process can be overwhelming. 

In order not to be a statistic - businesses that fail within the first 18 months of starting - do yourself and your project a huge favour and hire a coach to work with you on your mindset so your enterprise is not one of the statistics and instead is a success story.



Leadership roles can be extremely rewarding if you know how to be a MENTOR, not a boss.

A boss is a leader who generally disempowers his/her employees through criticism. These, my way or the highway bosses are generally very ineffective and have a huge turn over in staff, and it is never their fault as to why employees move on. A mentor is a leader who values their staff and knows that a happy employee is a productive employee. A  mentor is able to ask staff to complete tasks in a positive manner, understands their mindset and encourages them by giving positive feedback.  Staff retention is much higher and employees employed under these conditions look forward to coming to work and working to capacity.

Want to be a productive mentor in your leadership role? Want to learn how empowering positive mindsets are to the success of a leader? Contact The Empowering Coach to organise a coaching package.

Why hire a Mindset Coach?                

 Can you afford not to?

Are you ready to invest in yourself, spending time, energy and money to address your problems and turn your life around, onto the path of wellness, or would you rather spend a considerable sum of money on doctors, lengthy stays in hospital and medication?

Time to change your life forever!