A Story to Inspire!

In January this year after 18 months of applying for teaching jobs and with 30 years plus of experience in the profession and attaining the level of Deputy Principle in NSW and Experienced Senior Teacher (highest position attainable without going into admin roles) in Queensland, and exemplary teaching career, doors kept closing on me. Virtually down to my last dollar I decided to start my Life Coaching journey. 

I have walked the walk through my life. My ex husband left the family for another woman, my self-esteem took a huge dive, my 13 year old son died in an accident and I developed an auto-immune dis….ease and anxiety, which is why I resigned from teaching, to deal with my health, never imagining that I would have any trouble returning when I felt better. 

This is not a story about pity, in fact quiet the opposite, through my life lessons I have learnt that I am very resilient. My journey through life has led me to this point for a reason and that is to take all my skills new and old and use them to help others.

I am now at the point in my life where I have no desire to return to teaching but to keep moving forward with my new business. I have started my own business and I am now very excited about my future because I have full control of where this will lead me. It is truly empowering.