How to Prevent Teacher Burnout.

Amy is a passionate teacher who loves teaching. She has been teaching for over ten years and has perfected her craft but despite the years of experience she is finding it more and more difficult to meet the demands of her admin team.

Her supervisors are very demanding with unreal dead lines. Amy does a fabulous job but only her mistakes are recognized. Amy is perfectionist and spends countless hours of her own time trying to meet these demands so her work/life balance is out of kilter. She is on the verge of burnout and does not know what to do. Amy doesn’t want to leave teaching but believes it is the only solution.

Her work place does have welfare officers by she can’t divulge her true feeling because she does not want the supervising team knowing how she truly feels, which is really stuck and devalued.

If you are a teacher and can relate to Amy’s story, it is time for you to be proactive and invest time and money into your future for a positive outcome.