The Shocking Truth About Rose!

Let me tell you the story of Rose. Rose is a mother of two beautiful girls and a devoted wife to John. She has recently returned to her work after a few years absence nurturing and caring for her little ones, who are now at school.

Rose is passionate about her work and pursuing leadership positions. She believes that the future of her career will not only fulfil her desire to mentor others but also the extra money will support her growing family. 
In recent months Rose applied for a couple of positions, but was not even selected for an interview. She was becoming disheartened about her future prospects and this was affecting how she felt about herself and bringing up old wounds she thought she had buried. 

Rose was at a crossroads in her life. She could continue down the present path becoming anxious about her future as she faced more rejections. Deep down Ruth realised she did not feel good about herself, and she wondered how she could get herself out of the rut, pick herself up and move on?

If you can relate to Rose’s story and your life is at the crossroads, can you afford not to seek help of a Life Coach? If this is you do your future self a favour and check out my packages below and call me.