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Unconditional Love and our Inner Child

Not all of us are taught or experience unconditional love as children. Often our parents did not experience this deep love either.

They were wounded souls, who had descended from generations of unloved people, whose inner child had been wounded or traumatised.

Deep within all of us lives our divine inner child. The innocent and venerable part that is highly sensitive and emotional.

It lives within our unconscious mind and is a conscious part of us. It is the fun and playful part which most of have disconnected from.

If our inner child is wounded or traumatised, especially anywhere between the ages of birth to 7 years, a whole set of negative emotions emerge which prevent us from living fulfilling lives.

It is only when we reconnect with this wounded part, learn to love it like a parent loves a child, that we begin to heal this beautiful, precious part of ourselves.

Once our inner child is reconnected, we start to feel whole again and the journey into a positive, happy life is initiated.

If you would like to learn to heal your inner child so that it is a happy, healthy adult contact me on 0412 193 146.