Unconditional Love and our Inner Child

Not all of us are taught or experience unconditional love as children. Often our parents did not experience this deep love either.

They were wounded souls, who had descended from generations of unloved people, whose inner child had been wounded or traumatised.

Deep within all of us lives our divine inner child. The innocent and venerable part that is highly sensitive and emotional.

It lives within our unconscious mind and is a conscious part of us. It is the fun and playful part which most of have disconnected from.

If our inner child is wounded or traumatised, especially anywhere between the ages of birth to 7 years, a whole set of negative emotions emerge which prevent us from living fulfilling lives.

It is only when we reconnect with this wounded part, learn to love it like a parent loves a child, that we begin to heal this beautiful, precious part of ourselves.

Once our inner child is reconnected, we start to feel whole again and the journey into a positive, happy life is initiated.

If you would like to learn to heal your inner child so that it is a happy, healthy adult contact me on 0412 193 146.

How to Prevent Teacher Burnout.

Amy is a passionate teacher who loves teaching. She has been teaching for over ten years and has perfected her craft but despite the years of experience she is finding it more and more difficult to meet the demands of her admin team.

Her supervisors are very demanding with unreal dead lines. Amy does a fabulous job but only her mistakes are recognized. Amy is perfectionist and spends countless hours of her own time trying to meet these demands so her work/life balance is out of kilter. She is on the verge of burnout and does not know what to do. Amy doesn’t want to leave teaching but believes it is the only solution.

Her work place does have welfare officers by she can’t divulge her true feeling because she does not want the supervising team knowing how she truly feels, which is really stuck and devalued.

If you are a teacher and can relate to Amy’s story, it is time for you to be proactive and invest time and money into your future for a positive outcome.

The Shocking Truth About Rose!

Let me tell you the story of Rose. Rose is a mother of two beautiful girls and a devoted wife to John. She has recently returned to her work after a few years absence nurturing and caring for her little ones, who are now at school.

Rose is passionate about her work and pursuing leadership positions. She believes that the future of her career will not only fulfil her desire to mentor others but also the extra money will support her growing family. 
In recent months Rose applied for a couple of positions, but was not even selected for an interview. She was becoming disheartened about her future prospects and this was affecting how she felt about herself and bringing up old wounds she thought she had buried. 

Rose was at a crossroads in her life. She could continue down the present path becoming anxious about her future as she faced more rejections. Deep down Ruth realised she did not feel good about herself, and she wondered how she could get herself out of the rut, pick herself up and move on?

If you can relate to Rose’s story and your life is at the crossroads, can you afford not to seek help of a Life Coach? If this is you do your future self a favour and check out my packages below and call me.

A Story to Inspire!

In January this year after 18 months of applying for teaching jobs and with 30 years plus of experience in the profession and attaining the level of Deputy Principle in NSW and Experienced Senior Teacher (highest position attainable without going into admin roles) in Queensland, and exemplary teaching career, doors kept closing on me. Virtually down to my last dollar I decided to start my Life Coaching journey. 

I have walked the walk through my life. My ex husband left the family for another woman, my self-esteem took a huge dive, my 13 year old son died in an accident and I developed an auto-immune dis….ease and anxiety, which is why I resigned from teaching, to deal with my health, never imagining that I would have any trouble returning when I felt better.¬†

This is not a story about pity, in fact quiet the opposite, through my life lessons I have learnt that I am very resilient. My journey through life has led me to this point for a reason and that is to take all my skills new and old and use them to help others.

I am now at the point in my life where I have no desire to return to teaching but to keep moving forward with my new business. I have started my own business and I am now very excited about my future because I have full control of where this will lead me. It is truly empowering.