Empowering the Authentic You! works on results for the clients. I help the client look at their lives, how they view and experience it. I help them unpack what's driving them and what's important to them and how  changing their actions can achieve better results.  

The client moves from negative behaviours and emotions to a state of empowerment through many steps;

  • identifying areas in their lives that need work,
  • identifying self-sabotaging behaviour which is holding them back,
  • identifying repeated behaviours and emotions that are no longer serving them,
  • recognising unresourceful language/self-talk,
  • understanding core needs,
  • moving forward past stuck,
  • recognising strengths,
  • developing positive mindsets,
  • developing clear action plan,
  • discovering success in their lives

      The Tailor Made

    Coaching Package

     $797 / 3 sessions

The Tailor Made  Coaching Package is designed to meet the specific needs of the client, moving from unwanted states to achieving desired results


   Coaching Package

$397 each / 9 Sessions

The Group Coaching Package is designed as an introduction to coaching. Grab a group of five friends / colleagues and sign up for this package which explores the "Wheel of Life".

Take action

Introduction To Coaching



  • Detailed Personal History
  • Vision Boarding
  • Value Elicitation
  • What do you want?
  • Celebrating Success

The Take Action  Package offers the client an introduction to coaching. This program unpacks the clients past, so they can move forward with clarity to set new goals and celebrate success.

manifesting dream business & life

For those people who want it all..



  • Detailed Personal History
  • Vision Boarding
  • Value Elicitation
  • 14 Levels of Experience
  • Celebrating Success
  • 20 weeks Email Support
  • Weekly Laser Messenger/Zoom/Skype Coaching Sessions 1:1 
  • Plus  Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Matix Therapies and Conscious Hypnosis where required.

The Manifesting Dream Business and Life Package, is an intensive coaching program that delves deeply into the past and unpacks it,  identifies strengths and sets goals for the future dream life!

Here’s What Our Customers Had To Say…


Empowering the Authentic You gave me clarity and direction.

We are constantly scattered by life's distractions and lose sight of our true desires.

This coaching program optimised my thought patterns to give me focus for results instantly.


Lisa Robin


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